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Best tape ever!!!

“This tape is perfect! I use it everyday it has replaced all the others. Only improvement it could use is a magnetic on the end. But seeing as it’s so darn sturdy there’s no need for it.”

– Amazon user Brandon

Best Tape Measure

“I have a bunch of different brand tape measures. This is by far my favorite! Milwaukee is a distant second! The built in scribe and quality is fantastic! The extras in the box set were just icing on the cake! For ease of use and accuracy….THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST TAPE MEASURE AVAILABLE!!”

– 5 star Amazon review by user Evans:

$40 For A Tape Measure?? Absolutely!

5 stars, and I rarely give anything 5 stars. A tape measure is a mundane thing which no one gets excited about, but I love using this. It really has changed the way I work, and for the better. Once you use it, you will have one of those “holy crap, why the heck didn’t I think of that” moments.

I highly recommend getting one. You will not be disappointed.

– Joe (LumberJoe) | Posted on

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